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What is AL Systems?

AL Systems is the company with vast experience in the laboratory automation and equipment areas. Our Mission is to provide excellent quality durable systems with short payback and significant labor saving.

We are fast growing company with strong multi-engineering basis and US based production facilities. Bring us your challenge and we will offer you our solution. No project is too small or too large for our team!

About AL Systems

AL Systems was created by the people with vast experience in Ophthalmic Lab industry. Doing custom projects for ocular producers and contact lens industries, AL Systems developed unique and vast engineering knowledge and experience in various areas such as automation, Machine Vision, Laser Markers, Lens Inspection systems, and many others.

We have been servicing industry needs for decades and have many installations throughout several lens related industries around the world. Our customers include Essilor, Hoya, Analog Devices, Gentex and many others . We would love to you and your company joining our customers list.

image of AL Systems Automated Lens Sorter and Printer
image of AL Systems Compact Stacker & De-Stacker

AL Systems Vision/Mission

AL Systems wants to be your one stop solution for your laboratory automation needs. Whether it is complicated robotics system or simple tray handler we want your business and promise our equipment quality and durability like no other.

Our vision is from the small addition to the existing equipment to completely automated laboratory where hundreds of jobs a day can be ran by few qualified operators. Our systems means saving on real estate, labor and other business expenses. We want you to grow your business with our support.

AL Systems Products

Decontamination Systems - AL Systems

Al Systems LLC is proud to introduce its decontamination family of products. These are especially important in these uncertain times as they do their part in controlling and preventing infections and viral spread. All models were tested and certified by an independent biopharma test laboratory and proven to be effective against all micro-organisms, viruses, and spores. Most effective and non-product damaging technology to date is used on all products.

image of AL Systems Semi-automated Decontamination System

Semi-automated Decontamination System

ADS-UV-620 - Semi-automated model, equipped with long life components and intended to decontaminate all of the products which will fit on 6 inch wide conveyor. High power UVC lamps serving as energy sources and conveyor as a products carrier. Intended to be used in laboratories, productions and other environments.

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image of AL Systems Manual Decontamination System

Manual Decontamination System

MDS-UV-620 - Manual upright model intended to decontaminate any products which will fit in 6 by 6 inches tray. Settable exposure time, long life components and strong industrial level construction. Double exposure of the product surfaces, and long service life of components. Intended for the smaller scale industrial environment.

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image of AL Systems Manual high volume Decontamination System

Manual high volume Decontamination System

MDS-UV-420R - Manual high volume model intended for many different environment including retail. Can be used as bench top or wall mounted. Light weight, highly portable and simple in operation, it is finding new applications in optics, jewelry, electronics, toy and other retail stores as well as small laboratories and warehouses.

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image of AL Systems Tray Washer

Tray Washer

The AL SYSTEMS TRAY WASHER provides a proprietary washing technology which uses a proprietary soap for cleaning (available only through AL SYSTEMS).
The cleaning technology utilizes an electro-chemical for cleaning so there is no direct contact with the trays. That means no tumbling, no scrubbing, and no brushing of the actual tray so it will be free from scratches.

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image of AL Systems Standard Stacker De-Stacker

Standard Stacker

Highly reliable high capacity system capable of processing 50 trays and intended to be placed in line with lens processing equipment internal conveyor. Capable of processing all types of trays as well as those with paper travel ticket and without. Can be used as pair or individually based on laboratory needs. System requires minimum service and intended for the long service life.

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image of AL Systems Compact Stacker & De-Stacker

Compact Stacker &

Pair of units with common parts and design philosophy which can flank your lens processing equipment such as surface generator (shown) or polisher or laser marker, etc, Those unit have trays discharged and received sideway as oppose to the our straight de-stacker. While being more complicated due to additional mechanisms, those system offer significant space saving and with their small footprint of 2 by 5 feet, they can fit into the smaller spaces.

image of AL Systems Compact De-Stacker

Compact De-Stacker

Single unit as described above can be used for queuing your WIP in front of any lens processing system. Particularly useful in smaller spaces around pre-installed systems. This system installs at the right angle relative to the processing equipment internal conveyor.

image of AL Systems Robotic Multi-Image Pad Printer

Robotic Multi-Image Pad Printer

SCARA robot based ink transfer printer using u to 9 printing plates to produce up to 9 different overlay lens prints. All print orientation and offset tasks completed by the robot based on the vision system lens processing. Works on all type of lenses with engraving marks.

image of AL Systems Automated Lens Sorter and Printer

Automated Lens Sorter and Printer

Robot based system with multiple vision systems and several printing plates. Capable of processing clear, dark, polarized and any combination of those lenses. System uses proprietary vision algorithms to recognize the lens match it the data base and print it accordingly. Rejected or non recognized products collected undamaged for re-processing. System is fully automated.

image of AL Systems Manual Polar Based Printer

Manual Polar Based Printer

Low cost printer for the polarized product printing which prints off actual polarization axis rather than molding or other marks. Improves print quality dramatically and reduces polarization lens processing errors. System intended to be services by an operator.

image of AL Systems UV Laser Marker

UV Laser Marker

Lens laser marker based on 353nm wavelength long life laser. Works on all optical materials with high resolution, tight control over marking quality and connects to the customer data base. Fully enclosed and interlocked class 4 laser enclosure. System works in automated mode where lens is transferred from the tray for processing and returned to the tray. Equipped with bar code reader for the job number recognition.


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